Episode 94

Published on:

19th Jan 2021

#94 Revelation 5

Revelation Chapter 5

The Scene in Heaven that John describes after he is snatched away into Heaven in the spirit.

The Lamb that was slain is now the only one worthy to open the Scroll.

Of course He is the only one for all those in the earth, under the earth or in the sea are created beings. The only worthy to be worship is the Creator!

Come along as we walk through Chapter 5 to gain a better understanding of the timeline of events after the end of the Church Age.

Thankfully we are still in the last days of the Church Age, so there is still time to bow before Jesus and accept His free gift of eternal life before leaving this world by death, or by Rapture.

There is also an announcement on the Podcast for the One Year Anniversary Book Give Away here on Moments with Moni.

You can enter the Give Away for the free book, Another Gospel? by Alisha Childers HERE before midnight on January 31st.

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