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#98 Samson from Uganda Part 1

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Samson in Uganda, East Gospel Music Academy

Samson Interview Part 1

I had the pleasure of speaking with Samson from Uganda who runs the East African Gospel Music Academy, in Uganda Africa. Samson connected with me on Facebook, and we began messaging back and forth, and realized that we both knew of Far Reaching Ministries in Africa. My husband along with a friend and Pastor went to Africa back in 1999 to help Wes Bentley of Far Reaching Ministries begin a Bible College. I remember my husband trying to call me for my Birthday while he was in Uganda and we only had a very few minutes of scratchy connection. 

Samson and I planned an interview time, however the connection was very short, and his English is much better than my African which is completely non existent, however since Samson’s accent is thick, I thought I would add the transcript and comments here. To introduce Samson to you, I’m sharing a short bit of the interview at a time. 

I’d also like to share some memories I have of what my husband shared with me about life in Uganda. It actually reminded me of what our trip to Mexico was like, the two seemed very similar. In Mexico as we drove to our Hotel for a wedding, one side of the highway expressed the less advantaged population, compared to the wealthy. 

What I remember m y husband sharing about Uganda is the traffic as they walked through the town. Picture New Yours City with no one obeying traffic signals or lights, or lanes. One of the comments about the traffic in Uganda was that the car came so close to them as they were walking on the side of the road that the rivet on their jeans was close enough to scratch the car! I don’t live in New York, and it may be the same for all I know. 

For now, here is the first of the transcripts I will share of the short sound bites before I post the entire Podcast. 

“It is very rare to find a Church that has over one hundred Pastors, and even Ushers, they are less compared to musicians. So, Music moves a lot of people in the Church. Even some of us who are Pastors, at one time were worship leaders in the Church and eventually became a Youth Leader, from Youth Leader, you become a Pastor.....

Visit the Blog at Moments with Moni to read the rest of the story and see pictures of Samson and his beautiful Bride.

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