Episode 92

Published on:

8th Jan 2021

Ep 92 Happy New Year

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Today's Topics:

  • How was your Christmas? Thanks to Zoom, we werer able to at least have everyone in the room. When do you take your tree down?
  • How do you use the time between Christmas and New Years?
  • Prayer
  • One Year Anniversary of Moments with Moni coming soon
  • Anniversary Give away coming up!
  • Abiding in Jesus
  • Encouragement for this New Year
  • Revelation Update
  • Remember-Repent-Repeat
  • Why?
  • Make a Bible Reading plan
  • Bible Illiteracy
  • Journaling
  • Reaching a Global Audience
  • False Teachers
  • ENFP moment with Moni on colors
  • Sewing, yes sewing

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