Episode 160

God's Viewpoint of Prepping the Body

In Chapters 1-3, the Apostle Paul shared the Theological Doctrines important for the Ephesians, as well as for believers today. Chapter 4 begins the application of those Theological truths in a a practical way.

We are urged to "put off" the old man and "put on" the new, to be continually washed in the water of the Word so that our viewpoint of self is transformed. In so doing, we become a productive part of the Body that works together as a whole. God's viewpoint of prepping the Body is different than the main stream media. Being heavenly minded gives us boldness as we walk in this demon possesed world, because we know this world is not the end. There is much treasure held in store for us in the Heavenlies, and at this present Age we are to walk worthy of all that Christ has done for us. We are His children.

The world says, "Be somebody." Jesus says, "you already are somebody, you are MY child."~ Moni

Let's walk worthy of our Daddy and make Him proud. ~Moni

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