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It was a beautiful Sunday morning at the Church building this past week. A time of Worship and a time of listening to the book of Hebrews. “Let us hold on tight to the profession of or faith in Jesus, the better sacrifice.” It tied into the end of the Biblical Covenant Series that finished last week. 

Since we have come to end, there must be a new beginning, which was announced on last Friday’s Kaffee Klatsch Episode. 

The Covenant Series ended with an explanation of the time line of the Covenants, which led into a quick explanation of the End Times of this Church Age. While living in this part of History, we can see the world stage being set for the outplaying of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. To myself, and those of you that have read the back of the Book, we already have to answers to many of the worlds questions. We can see the cultural struggle of good and evil clashing before our very eyes. The foundational shift from Biblical thinking where God and His word is the ultimate authority still stand as truth. However, the mind shift of those who are attempting to crack this Biblical foundation, by 

Deconstructing and chiseling at it’s base isattempting to cause the erosion of the beautiful, abundant life that our God had intended for His children back in the Garden of Eden, in the beginning.  

On the journey here on Moments with Moni, we will be making a huge leap from the beginning of time, to the end of the Age, into the Book of Revelation! 

I trust that you have found God’s word to be faithful and true through the account of the Covenants, and can now move onto more of God’s infallible word. 

As we dive into Revelation, the plan is to take a literal, Historical approach, keeping in mind that this will not discount parable,s symbols, or figures of speech. Scripture, being God breathed, is infallible, however humankind is not. If we come across something that seems like a discrepancy, it is worth our while to dig deeper until we find what we might have overlooked. 

The prophecy that we will be coming face to face with is a “forth telling of God’s word.” The de-bunking of Christianity tends to include new revelations that may not agree with the scriptures, and in turn will hold no water but will in the end, be burned up like straw. 

Context is another extrememly important aspect of reading through the Bible. If we take a pre text and turn it into the main text, it is taken out of context.

Aside from the studying parameters, there is nothing on the christian calendar that has to happen before the great snatching away of God’s people. However, before you feel the need to turn this off due to disagreement, take the time to walk through the Covenant Series to understand the time frames of different people through world History and world future and beyond. Not all will be on the same path. 

It is with all my heart I pray for the quick return of Jesus to take His Bride home, and yet, I know that the longer He takes to fullfill this snatching away, His mercy and patience plays out for more time for those who have not repented yet. With each new day on earth there is another opportunity to turn from our own ways, agree with God, and walk with Him, eventually, right into the heavenlies. So I try not to be impatient and use my time widely to share His message of Hope. 

Revelation is the first book of the Bible that I ever read. It scared the begeebers out of me at 10 years old as I read it under the covers at night with a flashlight. Now some 50 years later, I can say that now that I have read and comprehend more of the rest oof all the Books in the Bible, Revelation brings much needed peace and tranquility even now as the world is in upheaval. Every age has had it’s uphealveals and here we are now amidst the Covid Catastrophe, when evryone could use peace and tranquility. 

What does it look like on the world stage right now compared to God’s end time calender? The Nation of Israel has come together again back in 1948 although their eyes are still blinded to what God’s plan is. Apostacy grows stronger and stronger each day through false teachers that we have been warned against. 

The Book of Timothy tell us the we are to understand this, that inthe last days there will come times of difficutly. For people will be lobers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusivie, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self control, brutal, not lovers of good, treacherous, reckless, swollrn with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying int’’s power. Avoid such people, For among them are those who creep into households and capture weak women, burdened with sins and led astray by various passions, always learning and necver able to arrive at the knowledge of the truth. 

Many will fall away and many will lead others astray. Many false prophets will arise and lead many astray, and the love of many will grow cold. Another item on the checklist of the last days scenario is the absence of America. Scholars speculate as to how this may happen, but it’s all speculation. The view I hold to is that once Jesus comes for His Bride, and raptures us out of this country it will be weakend and the United States of Europe will become a stronger power on the world stage allowing for a one world Government as we will see in Revelation 13 in future. There may be other catastrophes that play into the picture we will see in Revelation and in our future. For now, it’s back to History to get a running start at our story. 

A long time ago, not in fairy tale land, there lived a man called John. He was the one called the loved of Jesus, the one who cared for Jesus mother after Jesus was cruelly killed on a cross while they looked on. 

The Roman government did not like the stories that John wrote and spread about the man they called Jesus. John being one of the sons of thunder, ended up on an island called Patmos in 95-96 AD after the deathof Jesus and wrote a Book that God inspired him to write. This Book is known as Revelation. Not Revelations but Revelation. For there is one thing that book reveals, and that is Jesus Christ! John wrote other books as well, like I II & III John encouraging little ones in Christ to love each other. However, while onthe Island of Patmos he penned Revelation...

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