Episode 62

Jen Uren Testimony with Moni

The pain of being hurt can be healed. It may take time, but thankfully God is our Great Healer and Physician and holds our hearts and minds in His hands. Come, let's ponder God's healing in the life of Jen as she shares her Testimony with Moni.

Jenn Uren lives in the Chicagoland area with her husband, 5 kids (toddlers, tween, teen, and twenty-something!), and no pets (no time!).

As she raised her kids, life came at her fast and furious — including a surprise adoption of 2 babies (yep! one day 3 kids, the next day 5) — and she was paralyzed with overwhelm.

As she worked to dig her way out of overwhelm, she began to really understand the magic of the right tool or system. She learned how to make things easier so that she could spend less time doing the things she had to do, and more time doing the things that she wanted to do.

She began to blog as a way to help other moms do the same. Not by setting out to create her own products or solutions, but by connecting moms to principles, existing products, and encouraging people who could help them use their personal resources (time, space, and money) most impactfully. (And creating systems and tools where there wasn’t one.)

In 2021 she will be debuting her podcast "This Mom Knows" where she interviews moms about the things they know well -- from hard topics like grief and loss, to fun things like crafting and traveling

You can reach Jen at the following social media sites to learn more about her and her upcoming Podcast.

Instagram @moremommymoments

Facebook @moremommymoments

Or her website at www.moremommymoments.com

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