Episode 142

Looking Forward to 2022

The Last Episode of 2021 & Looking forward to 2022

1:00 Our first Family Christmas in the South.

2:10 Shout out for our Fellowship's Christmas Message and Link here

3:18 Crocheted Slippers and Link here

4:00 Christmas Gift of a Bread Machine and link here

4:30 Sourdough Starter Link Here

5:50 Gardening Hanging Pots Link Here

6:20 The Podcast Heard in 58 Countries!

7:24 A New Series announcement on Moments with Moni

(A dual topic of Bread Making and the Book of Ruth based in the House of Bread being Bethlehem)

9:20 Encouragement to join a Bible reading Group and Plan for the year ahead.

Guard your heart with all dilligence for out of it are the issues of life. Proverbs 4:23

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Happy New Year!

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