Episode 11

Moments with Moni Special Good Friday Edition

Today's Good Friday Edition of Stories of Hope, is in Collaboration with The Christian Podcasters Association.

Five Minute Episodes of Hope for your hearts from different Podcasters around the Nation.

May you be filled with true HOPE in OUR ONLY HOPE as you listen to this special Edition Episode.

It's Friday......But Sunday's a comin'

This Episodes Contributors in order of their appearance:

Jenna Erlandson at The Bridge of the Faithful Podcast

Meg Glesener at Letters From Home Podcast

Tim Winders at  Seek Go Create Podcast

Tina Smith at Raising Kids On Your Knees Podcast

Brandy Goebel at The Road Home To You Podcast 

Monika Hardy at Moments with Moni Podcast

"Who Can Mind The Journey" Written by Brad Hardy, Performed by The Hardy Family (Brad, Moni, Stephen, Mike)

More contributors at The Christian Podcasters Association: (There just wasn't enough room for all the episodes)

Paula Chamberlain at A Quilters Life Podcast

Debbie Robertson at Willingness to Wellness

Mischelle Saunders Gottsch at Altered Stories Podcast 

Tara Ross at Hope Prose Podcast 

Teresa Blaes at Unresolved Podcast Network

Eric Nevins Host of The Christian Podcast Association and Halfway There Podcast

Chris Staron Host of The Hope Collaboration and Truce Podcast

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