Episode 145

Radically Ruth

Is our heart grounded in what God wants for us or will emotions and pain redirect our path. Will we turn away from Him, or will we cleave to Him? A superficial look at the words in Ruth would make a great Hallmark Card, but when we look deeper we can see history, culture and prophecy blend perfectly into commitment and radical love, and redemption.

There is no more male in Naomi's life in this patriarchal society. The choice is now in Naomi's lap and we tune in to see her decision. Orpah and Ruth are given choices as well, choose a forgein land or stick with what they know.

Covered in this episode: Ruth 1:6:18

  • We visit the idea of the Leverite Marriage Customs in this day. It is important to understand the culture of the time of Ruth.
  • We don't have the thoughts of the characters all spelled out for us, but we must remember these are not two dimensional characters on a page.
  • God's idea of a marriage is a covennant promise, not a contract.
  • We must remember that life is hard, but God is good. He will never leave us or forsake us.
  • Would you consider Ruth clingy, or radical, in a time when all did what was right in their own eyes?
  • God knows where we make our bed. Hide yourself in Him. Take refuge in Him.

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