Episode 60

Testimony of Dave Ebert Ep #60

Dave is an improviser, actor, improv coach, speaker, and credentialed minister. He was born in Chicago, but grew up in southwestern Virginia. Much of his improv and acting ability is attributed to his 8 years as a pro wrestler on the independent circuit in the south. 

In 2013, after nearly two decades of battling with depression and suicidal ideations, Dave finally made the life-changing decision to pursue God. He says, “At that point, I wrestled with this choice: I could take my life…or I could give my life. I chose to give my life to the Lord.”

Most of his life, Dave covered his depression with humor. He used it to make others feel better while disguising how he truly felt inside. Dave often tells his testimony by saying, “I used to use comedy to hide who I was, but now I use comedy to reveal Who He is.”

Shortly after deciding to pursue a real relationship with God, Dave relocated back to Chicago in 2013. Through his passion for comedy renewed with a deeper purpose, he founded Well Versed Comedy, an improv comedy ministry team. Doing comedy is his primary passion for reaching people, either to uplift and encourage fellow Christians, or to bring light, laughter, and joy to non-Christians. 

He married his wife Bobbie in June 2015, and they live together in Crest Hill, Ill., with their 3 cats.


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