Episode 81

Published on:

11th Dec 2020

The Maidens Story

Welcome to another Friday Night Feature Story on Moments with Moni.

This past year we have studied our way through the Book of Song of Solomon. Now that we are done with the Podcast portion, I'd like to share an Audio Book Retelling of the Book of Song of Solomon that I wrote and finally recorded.

If you have read and studied thorugh SOS, you may see the Maiden and the Beloved in this Re-telling.

If you have not read the Book of SOS, I invite you to go through the SOS podcasts on Momentswithmoni. com to give you more insight into the story.

A quick note of insight into the retelling is a version in which the Maiden represents the individual believer in Jesus, and the Beloved represents Jesus.

During this Christmas Season, our hearts and minds turn towards the Christ Child, but don't remain there. He grew to be a man, a Savior that died for all of mankind, but He did not remain dead.

Song of Soloman offers the most beautiful love story ever written to us, while I have condensed and shortened the intensley intimate story.

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