Episode 54

Joseph Dea Testimony Ep #54

Testimony with Joseph Dea

From Trans Humanist to a possible stroke to a believer and overcomer. The struggle of Faith is real. Thankfully, there were those around Joseph that saw through the facade.

A young lifetime journey with change in a moment. A heart transformed, a commitment to marriage, and prayer for direction from the Holy Spirit revealed the need of engaging with God in prayer.

A few quotes from Joseph:

"Prayer is more than a grocery list"

"My goal is to show others my Identity is Beloved, child of God, Kingdom Citizen."

In regards to his Co-Host, Edgar, on Buddy Walk with Jesus, "The Dude prays and things happen."

"It's one thing to try and fight for justice or unity or equality in a human sense but advocating Christ unity, with the Holy Spirit, under God that's great..i choose to explore the great."

"Living in intimacy with Christ is actual living here on earth."

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