Episode 55

The Covenant Stories-Adamic

Adamic Covenant

A short review of the Edenic Covenant from last time: The Ednenic Covenant was a conditional covenant between God and Adam. Which means there were conditions to this covenant regarding creation and life in the Garden of Eden. It was a time of innocence. Adam was to live in the land that God had given him, and God set before him a choice to do things God’s way, or his own way. Just one simple test of obedience while Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden. 

Let’s set the stage for the Adamic Covenant

It begins with Chapter 3 of Genesis:

Enter, stage left, the snake, the whisperer of magic spells, an enchanter. One who hisses. All these descriptions come from the Strongs Concordance, but the snake is not clearly identified as Satan in this particular passage. 

Since the entire Bible is sixty six books connected to tell the entire History, we can understand this hissing creature a bit better through their addition.

Ezekiel chapter 28 tells us this creature was in Eden, the Garden of God and every precious stone was his covering, that he was beautiful and when he was created he was able to sing with his pipes and make music.

Revelation 19 and 20 describe the snake as the great dragon that was cast out of heaven, the old serpent called the Devil, 

That Satan who deceived and deluded the whole world! 

He was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. 

So yes, this serpent was more subtile, crafty, or cunning, then any beast of the field. This serpent is referred to in Ezekiel as one who’s heart was lifted up against God. This serpent who led others in worship of God, who used to be the worship leader in heaven, thought himself to be greater than God. It was this serpent who was cut down and cast out of heaven along with a third of the angels. Dr. Luke in chapter 8 tells us a story about the devils or demonic beings under certain circumstances, having the ability to indwell human or animal bodies.

In Lukes story, it was a herd of swine. 

Now that we can see how the serpent in the garden is tempting Eve, and who this serpent is, you may have even more questions before we continue. 

Why is Eve talking to the serpent?

Where was Adam?

Why was Adam not protecting the weaker vessel from the enemy?

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