Episode 51

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31st Aug 2020

Overview of The Biblical Covenants Episode #51

An Overview of the Covenants of the Bible:

Edenic: Conditional between God and Adam

Adamic: Unconditional between God and fallen humans

Noahic: Unconditional for the restoration of all things. After sin entered the world with Adam and Eve, it bloomed full again during the time of Noah.

Abrahamic: The Gentiles and grafted into the unconditional covenant. All mankind is blessed through Abraham. A covenant of promise for the spiritual children of Abraham

Mosiac: A conditional covenant through Moses, but temporary. Shows the Law as our schoolmaster. The Jews are blinded to this being the Old Covenant.

Davidic: Unconditional promise, currently dormant, but will be fulfilled when the Son of David takes the throne during the Millennium.

New Covenant: Messianic Unconditional New Covenant that replaces the Old Covenant. Salvation is secured, a new heart is given, and forgiveness for all who choose to surrender.

Some add the Land Covenant: Eternal and Unconditional

Overview of the Mysteries of God's Will in Ephesians Chapter 1: Predestination, adoption, The dispensation Times, Millenium, inheritance.

All these will be more clear as we continue to study through each of the Covenants in more depth, and we will have a better understanding of the mystery of God's will which is "Christ in you, the Hope of glory!"

Suggested reading before next week: Ephesians chapters 1-3

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