Episode 49

The Covenant Stories

The covenants are the DNA strand that ties the whole Book/God’s Plan together.

In a nutshell: 

God made man in "their" image. Man sinned. Relationship was broken between God and man with no way to live with God in His Kingdom.

God makes Covenant with mankind to make a way for sin to be washed away and relationship restored to make a way to live forever in His Kingdom.

If we are going to place our trust in God, then shouldn't we know who God is and what He is like? What He has done on our behalf? Who we are in Christ? And How we are to live in light of God’s Covenant promises?

The Making of a Covenant

Travel back in time with me to the Ancient Hebrew way of thinking

The story of the Bible is the story of the Hebrew wife of God and the Gentile Bride of Christ grafted into the Hebrews. 

The Abrahamic Covenant. Is it still relevant to us today? It began as a blood covenant with Abram. God called Himself “The God of Abraham” “The God of Isaac” and “The God of Jacob” and ultimately the God of Israel. Through Jesus, we can all have access to salvation, the Jew and the Gentile. The Abrahamic Covenant, made new, better translated as “re-newed” in the strongs ( a primate root; to be new, causatively to rebuild:-renew, repair) is now a better covenant through Jesus Christ. Psalm 105:7-11


The Walk of Blood was done to seal the Covenant Promises

More on the making of Ancient Covenants

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