Episode 76

Thanksgiving 2020

2020 has been strange to say the least.

The world looks different, more so than it ever has before.

Yet as a Nation, we all take a day together to stop and spend it with the ones we love and celebrate what we are thankful for.

As believers in Jesus we have a heart attitude of thanksgiving everyday, well, at we should.

My prayer is that you are well, and will be able to share your thoughts on Thankfulness to God in your home.

A few of my Podcast freinds have come along to help us begin the road of thanksgiving.

Eric Nevins: Host of Halway There Podcast & The Christian Podcaster, as well as the Head of The Christian Podcasters Association.

Mary Snyder: A true Southerner, a Coach, a Speaker, Podcast Host of Take the Stage

Tim Winders: Seek Go Create Known for his insight and effective, practical methodology, Tim Winders is a gifted speaker, facilitator, coach, and author. He is also the host and a content creator at the SGC Network.

Glori Winders: Ind├ępendant Welness Advocate Doterra Oils and wife of Tim Winders

Neil Matthews: Host of Other People's Shoes Podcast where Neil explores what it's like to be "in other people's shoes"

Theme Song "Brand New" Brad & Monika Hardy

Ending Song "Who Can Mind The Journey" by Brad & Monika Hardy

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from Momentswithmoni.com

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