Episode 57

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22nd Sep 2020

The Covenant Stories-Noahic

Noahic Covenant

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Last time we left Adam and Eve just outside the Garden Eden in their new, animal skin covering, that God made for them. 

Even though they disobeyed God, He was kind and merciful to them and instructed them in the way they should go 

as they entered the new realm of life that included pain, suffering, weeds, thorns and thistles. 

It’s at this point we need to remember that it was their own doing that brought them to this place. There was no one else to blame for the state they were in. 

We continue today in Genesis to set the stage for the scene on the Earth before God made the next Covenant.

Let's ponder a Biblical perspective on life on earth before God made the Covenant with Noah.

In the middle of this account of History, there is a whole chapter on Genelogies in the Bible. Instaed of a boring account of me reading this to you, I share a snippet of the Skit "Christ and the Veil" It was written by my son, and he shares it around the kitchen table at dinner time with his children.

You can find more info on this

"Christ and the Veil" on Stephen Hardy's Facebook Page at "Christ and the Veil- A One Man Play" or to request a booking for him to share this skit at your church or Park or gathering.

Oh and by the way, at the time of the recording, our grandchild #8 was on the way. :)

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